Non-Clinical Career Information

It takes a team of clinical and non-clinical personnel to continue providing excellent patient care at Whitfield Regional Hospital. As a non-clinical team member you will not provide any type of medical treatment, or testing, you may interact with patients, but you will not actually provide medical care. There are many rewarding roles including medical billlers and coders, transcriptionists, hospital executives, receptionists, and anyone who works “behind the scenes” such as: human resources, IT, administrative assistants, marketing, maintenance, payroll, accounting, environmental & dietary services ect. Our hospital team has countless workers, along with patients coming in and out on a daily basis, it brings new challenges in a growing industry. If you appreciate dealing with people, and like a friendly atmosphere, we hope working at Whitfield Regional Hospital is appealing to you. We are all a big family here, so come join our team!

Human Resources

For more information on the available opportunities, contact Human Resources at (334) 287-2635.

Resumes are accepted at any time and can be sent via email to or faxed to our Human Resources Department at (334) 287-2107. We look forward to hearing from you!