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Health Care On Wheels

About The Program

Health Care On Wheels was developed in 2011 as an innovative approach to care coordination that includes provision of health care services, health literacy education, use of telemedicine, and outreach and linkages to community resources; i.e. access to medication and health insurance, for underserved communities in Choctaw, Marengo, Greene, Hale, Sumter, Wilcox, and Perry County. In March 2016, the Health Care On Wheels staff was selected and began its mission of community service.

The overarching goal of the Health Care On Wheels Program is to develop and expand primary health care services in the Delta Region that addresses longstanding and unmet health needs that will ultimately:

  • Reduce the disease adn economic burden of chronic disease.
  • Improve the quality of life of persons who have or are at risk of developing chronic disease.
  • Increase outreach and linkage to other healthcare resources.

The mobile health van is a totally independent unit, staffed with a doctor, certified registered nurse practitioner, or a registered nurse, with the capability of performing patient hands-on health care/clinic services. The type of services to be offered will include, but not limited to, a complete health assessment and preventive health screenings (i.e. blood sugar tests, cholesterol, blood pressure checks). The van also is equipped with the latest technology, using Video Medicine as a means of seeing potential patients, through the Salus telemedicine program. This mobile program provides a free market physician network, resulting in high quality patient care at a considerably low price.

Contacting Health Care on Wheels

If you wish to have the Health Care on Wheels mobile unit visit your area, contact Mack Fitzgerald, Program Manager at (334)341-7805.