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Welcome to Physical Therapy at Bryan Whitfield!

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Physical Therapy

Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital’s Physical Therapy & Wellness Center offers fully-integrated physical, occupational and speech therapy services to meet individualized needs.  Services are performed on an Outpatient basis or as an Inpatient in our Swing Bed Unit.  The facility offers a fully-equipped and professionally supervised gym, which is open to the public. Our team is dedicated to helping patients prevent and overcome injury or disability so they can enjoy a mobile, satisfying life.


Physical Therapy & Wellness Center Team 

 Licensed Physical Therapists

Physical Therapist Assistant

Speech Therapist

Personal Trainer

Yoga Instructors & Wellness Instructors 

Swing Bed

 Licensed Physical Therapist

Licensed Occupational Therapist

Speech/Language Pathologist

Comprehensive Cancer Care


Committed to Your Wellness

Our state-of-the-art facility includes a large physical therapy area and wellness gym with cardiovascular and strength machines, education classrooms, yoga and group exercise room.

Physician prescription is required for therapy services.  Rehab programs are designed to focus on your individual needs.

Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department works in conjunction with the Wellness Center allowing graduates of therapy programs to make a successful, progressive and smooth transition to independent exercise. In The Wellness Center patients have access to an array of equipment including:

Precor Lower Body and Total Body Elliptical

Nu-Step Seated Total Body Recumbent Steppers

LifeCycle Recumbent Stationary Bikes

Precor Arc Trainer

Stair Climber and Treadmills

Abdominal Conditioner

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Hoist Dual Station Weight Machines

Medicine Balls

Plus many more options like: Core Balance Discs, Wobble Board,  BOSU Balance Trainer, Resistance Tubes, Stability Balls, and Dumbbells.

Range of Care

Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital’s licensed therapists are hands-on and have obtained extensive training and certification in many advanced therapeutic techniques. Our team works together to create a treatment program to maximize recovery from injury or illness, as well as exercise programs to increase and prolong good health for many situations including:

 Brain and spinal cord injuries

Bone and orthopedic disorders and injuries

Developmental disabilities

Movement disorders

Pain disorders

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pre and Post-operative care


We offer individualized Plans of care for your needs:

 Pre and Post Operative Physical Therapy

Neck and back rehabilitation

Sports injury recovery

Work reconditioning

Balance & Fall prevention

Manual Therapy

Arthritis Management

Injury Prevention

Home Exercise Program

Wound Care Program with Dr. Keith Roberts.

Physical Therapists are on the front lines of wound management. Dr. Keith Roberts and our therapy team possess in-depth knowledge of anatomy and tissue healing as well as mobility and positioning expertise; providing efficient and effective wound care.


With 16 years of experience, I know that patients’ needs are unique, so is their plan of care.

We'll work with you, your family, and your physician to develop an individualized program of rehabilitation that is effective for you. We place a strong emphasis on patient and family education. We know the more informed and involved you are, the quicker and less traumatic your healing process will be. We will even help you transition to home by providing specialized training to your family on equipment or supplies that you might need. If your need is a healthier lifestyle, our Wellness Center will design a fitness plan just for you. We are proud of the Rehabilitation and Wellness services we provide for community residents. Let us be your choice for quality care.  Lacretia Cooke Edwards MS, PT

Physical Therapy

"We make a difference in the lives of our patients by delivering professional medical care with a home town touch."

Recuperating from major surgery, illness or an accident can be challenging. What if you're well enough to leave the hospital, but aren't yet ready to go home? For many patients, the solution is a short visit to Bryan W. Whitfield Physical Therapy. And it's not just the depth of care that sets us apart. It is how we deliver it. We are dedicated to caring for the whole person - and his or her family - in a way that is individualized and nurturing.

The care you need to get back to your life

Whether you are recovering from injury, illness or major surgery, our comprehensive program can help you regain the strength and stamina you need to return home. Our Physical Therapy team offers acute rehabilitative care - all in a supportive, healing environment.


Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.




To schedule an appointment you must first see a physician to obtain written order. Patients: Upon 1st visit, Register at our main lobby 2nd visit report directly to Physical Therapy in our Outpatient Building